What is Galaxies of Eden?

Galaxies of Eden is a generative AI-driven sandbox MMORPG where players will embark on endless, personalized adventures in a captivating sci-fi universe, interacting with unique characters and environments crafted by groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology.

The game features AI-generated content that dynamically adapt to each player’s preferences. Driven by cutting-edge generative AI systems, it delivers a continuous stream of seasonal content, keeping the thrill and spirit of exploration alive at all times.

Is this a survival game?

Galaxies of Eden is not a survival game. It is a classic MMORPG that persists player progression at our backend servers.

How many players can play concurrently on the server?

The current plan is to limit alpha version to 600 concurrent players per server. However, this limit will be gradually increased to around 1000 players by release.

Which systems will Galaxies of Eden be released on?

Galaxies of Eden currently supports PCs. In terms of Operating Systems, we are mainly targeting Windows. However, Linux versions are also planned for future releases.

When alpha version will be released?

We are currently aiming to release an Alpha version in 2023.

Will there be a server wipe between alpha, beta, and release stages?

All items and equipment will be wiped between each stage. However, the team would like to let paid alpha users retain 80% of gained skill levels. Please note that if a major bug occurs and players gain more skill levels than the normal gameplay intents, unintended skill levels will not be transferred. Additional details and limitations concerning the skill transfer system will be provided during early access sales.

Will there be full loot / non-consensual / open-world PVP?

No, never. Galaxies of Eden is designed to encourage cooperation at all stages of gameplay. Gameplay will be designed to enable players to grow a healthy and friendly community. We believe non-consensual PVP would deteriorate the intended community of the game.

What engine Galaxies of Eden uses?

Galaxies of Eden is powered by Unreal Engine at the client side and MIR Server Engine at the server side.

MIR Server Engine is written in C++ and has been specifically crafted to let players immerse themselves in a detailed, heavily interactive online virtual world. MIR Server Engine will be made available to other developers for use, with a revenue share agreement and accessible source code, soon after Galaxies of Eden releases.

What will be the payment model?

The payment model is yet to be determined.