Is this a survival game?

Galaxies of Eden is not a survival game. It is a classic MMORPG that persists player progression at our backend servers.

How many players can play concurrently on the server?

The current plan is to limit alpha version to 600 concurrent players per server. However, this limit will be gradually increased to around 1000 players by release.

Which systems will Galaxies of Eden be released on?

Galaxies of Eden will only support PCs. There won’t be any console or mobile release. In terms of Operating Systems, we are targeting Windows, but would like to publish Linux versions too. Currently, the company lacks the financial capability to officially support the Linux releases, hence some of the major bugs on the Linux platform might have to stay unresolved depending on the complexity.

When alpha version will be released?

We are currently aiming to release an Alpha version in 2022.

Will there be spaceships?

Absolutely! However, spaceship gameplay and related content will come in subsequent releases. Currently we have space-based gameplay development slated for the first year after initial release. When complete, this will be released as a free expansion. For now, we will focus on ground-based gameplay.

Is this a metaverse type of game? Can I upload my own costumes to the game?

No, Galaxies of Eden is not a metaverse type of game. Players won’t be able to create and upload their own costumes to the game. Instead, our vision is to create the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG / universe. This requires careful supervision to ensure the game looks and feels right. Gameplay will be similar to classic MMORPGs, with progression based on in-game economic activity, dungeons and raids.

Why should I play the alpha version?

The alpha stage is the best time to give feedback and suggestions to help shape the future of Galaxies of Eden, and get some special perks! We hope that, with your suggestions and ideas, the game can be improved before general release. On the other hand, the beta stage will be primarily focused on polishing existing systems with limited opportunity for feature additions. Hence, alpha is the best stage to play if you want to contribute to the development of Galaxies of Eden. Moreover, we would like to reward players that contribute to the success of Galaxies of Eden by letting them retain up to 80% of the skill levels they’ve gained during alpha. Our hope is that this system will let our early supporters enjoy a quick start to their journey when Galaxies of Eden gets released. Please note that there will be certain limitations to transferred skills – details to follow.

Will there be a server wipe between alpha, beta, and release stages?

All items and equipment will be wiped between each stage. However, the team would like to let paid alpha users retain 80% of gained skill levels. Please note that if a major bug occurs and players gain more skill levels than the normal gameplay intents, unintended skill levels will not be transferred. Additional details and limitations concerning the skill transfer system will be provided during early access sales.

Will there be full loot / non-consensual / open-world PVP?

No, never. Galaxies of Eden is designed to encourage cooperation at all stages of gameplay. Gameplay will be designed to enable players to grow a healthy and friendly community. We believe non-consensual PVP would deteriorate the intended community of the game.

Will there be any PVP?

Yes, PVP is planned to be an important part of the end-game content. PVP system will be fully consensual and enable populations of different servers to fight against each other. Currently, the PVP system is planned to be arena-based with a focus on balance.

Will there be micro-transactions / cash shop?

We believe a major reason gamers play MMORPGs is to stand out through avatar customization options. Thus, we believe it is vital that this experience not be limited to only those players with large wallets. Thus, Galaxies of Eden is determined not to sell premium cosmetics. Instead, players will have opportunities to earn them through normal gameplay options. Likewise, there will be no item sales enabling pay to win situations. However, certain administrative options like character name changes, server transfers, and additional character slots will be sold through an in-game microtransaction shop. Although Galaxies of Eden is determined to adhere to the system described above, post release game sales and performance may require revisions mentioned system to ensure the financial health of the game.

What engine Galaxies of Eden uses?

Galaxies of Eden is powered by Unreal Engine at the client side and MIR Server Engine at the server side.

MIR Server Engine is written in C++ and has been specifically crafted to let players immerse themselves in a detailed, heavily interactive online virtual world. There are plans for the engine to be open sourced and made available to other developers to use, with a revenue share agreement, soon after Galaxies of Eden releases.

What will be the payment model?

Galaxies of Eden is planned to be subscription based.