Devblog #00 - Galaxies of Eden Reveal

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WARNING: Following content is outdated - refer to announcement here.

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce Galaxies of Eden, after almost two years of under wraps work.

We thought it would be good idea to go more in depth about the game’s features and show you what’s coming next in our first development blog.

Social Sandbox MMORPG

Our goal is to create a modern MMORPG where you can customize your avatar to your heart’s desire, build and populate player cities, grow your server’s community, adventure and socialize with other players.

We aim to bring social gameplay back to MMORPGs and revitalize it by building a community-oriented game world that lets players work together at all stages of the gameplay.

Nowadays most of the MMORPGs discourage group play or keep importance of player communities to a minimal amount, whereas community building is the one of the main pillars of Galaxies of Eden.

At the heart of every system in Galaxies of Eden is a single message: players need to be an active part of their community to succeed.

Although game will launch with a hybrid skill system where players can choose to combine social skillsets with combat skillsets, no character will be powerful enough to succeed alone. Hence, cooperation with other players will be essential.

Hybrid Skill System

Galaxies of Eden utilizes a hybrid approach to skill system: players will be able to combine up to three active skills to create their own distinct playstyle. Every hybrid loadout will have a dynamically adjusted PVE & PVP effectiveness to ensure game is balanced.

Alpha is expected to launch with the following Active Skills:

Moreover, players will be able to combine an unlimited amount of time trained passive skills. Passive skills can be thought as micro bonuses to existing abilities and usually don’t provide any type of active ability with the exception of Diplomat passive skill.

Diplomat passive skill is expected to take around a month of training time and will let players participate in the community building gameplay where they can get elected to become mayors of player cities, or even get elected to Galactic Council and vote on server-wide issues!

This is just a small sneak peek on Galaxies of Eden’s skill system, further development blogs will explain this unique system more in detail.


Our current goal is to release the Alpha version by 2022. The Alpha version will allow us to share the game with our community during the development, so we can get your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve it, and build the game together.

Alpha version is the best time to give feedback and suggestions, shape the future of the game, and get some special perks!

We’re eager to reward our early alpha players by letting them keep 80% of their active & passive skills and bring it to release. We hope that this system will let our early supporters enjoy a quick start to their journey when Galaxies of Eden gets released.

Initial release of the game will focus on ground-based gameplay. However, our vision is to create the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG and to achieve this vision we will also need to create spaceship-based gameplay and an immersive story/roleplaying system!

Once game is released we will start working on the space-based gameplay and try to make player-owned spaceships available at the end of post-release first year. In post-release second year, we plan to make story missions and roleplaying systems a major focus as well as expanding the content involving space-based gameplay. Game is expected to match with our vision around post-release second year.

You will be seeing plenty more of the development blogs, screenshots, and gameplay videos in the coming months. We hope you’re as excited about Galaxies of Eden as we are, and we can’t wait to show you more!

We would like to reward our early supporters all throughout the development journey, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and join our community at Discord !

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on the pre-alpha reveal and we will be waiting for your feedback and suggestions at the Discord community!

- Alkan