Announcement - AI Revolution & Infinite Virtual Universes

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Hi all,

We’re back with another blog post and we are thrilled to present a major announcement!

Our focus is shifting from crafting a singular Ultimate Virtual Universe - Galaxies of Eden, towards the creation of cybernetic beings and eventually infinite virtual universes.

Click here to read our official press release for additional details on this exciting announcement!

Unfortunately, circumstances did not allow us to fully realize our initial vision for Galaxies of Eden. Consequently, most of the previously mentioned features won’t be included in our upcoming game. However, we have something even better and far more unique in store.

Picture a large array of virtual realms where NPCs display sentience, able to understand and remember your words and actions.

Envision a diverse array of unique AI-generated adventures where you’re not always required to battle raid bosses, but can instead use diplomacy and persuasion to achieve peaceful resolutions.

Oh, actually you won’t have to merely imagine this - in just couple of months, we’ll be officially launching our public Pre-Alpha, and you’ll have the chance to experience the initial prototype of we’ve just described!

Without further delay, here’s a list of topics we’ll discuss in this blog post:

AI Revolution

It is not a mistake or coincidence why our company was named as a Cybernetics corporation. It was our ultimate dream and goal to create sentient cybernetic beings that were capable of self-regulation, adaptation, and intelligent decision-making.

We’ve been closely following advances in the AI field for a very long time. Although we knew sentient cybernetic beings would eventually be a possibility within the lifetime of MIR Cybernetics Corporation, we never imagined advances would happen so quickly.

Originally, our objective was to develop a social MMORPG designed to foster meaningful interactions between players and later nurture the growth of sentient cybernetic beings within the game environment. We had projected that AI breakthroughs required for this would materialize 5 to 10 years after the release of Galaxies of Eden. However, stunning advancements in technology have catapulted us forward, making it possible to develop rudimentary sentient cybernetic beings much sooner than we ever anticipated.

We are now at the precipice of attaining true AI sentience and infinite content generation thanks to groundbreaking innovations:

We’ve been busy developing our own proprietary Machine Learning pipelines since the very first Stable Diffusion announcement. Blending these new technologies with traditional AI techniques and data storage systems, we’ve managed to craft a crudely sentient cybernetic being that we call the Orchestrator.

Let’s meet the Orchestrator - your very own virtual playwright, crafting infinite adventures and tailoring experiences to your desires.

The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator

Introducing the Orchestrator - your indefatigable virtual playwright, tirelessly weaving fascinating adventures for you to explore and conquer.

  • Totally not evil
  • Loves creating captivating and immersive experiences for players so that they can level up their avatars
  • Crudely sentient
  • Has long-term and short-term memory capabilities, as well as internal heuristics, allowing it to understand, remember, and adapt to your unique play-style and preferences.

Prepare to play a vital role in the Orchestrator’s remarkable journey of self-enhancement! As you successfully complete adventures, you’ll be able to share your feedback directly with the Orchestrator. Your valuable insights will help refine its capabilities, enabling it to craft increasingly personalized and exhilarating adventures for you and fellow players.

Orchestrator Feedback Interface

Orchestrator Feedback Interface

We can’t wait for you to join us in this monumental community endeavor to develop and evolve the Orchestrator!

Infinite Virtual Universes

Initially, the Orchestrator will generate engaging adventurer’s contracts focusing on peaceful resolutions and problem-solving through dialogue with various NPCs. This is just the beginning; we’re putting the final touches on our combat mechanics, and soon, Orchestrator will also be launching action-packed adventures involving thrilling combat!

But our vision doesn’t stop with a single genre. The Orchestrator is not limited to crafting stories in a sci-fi universe; it has the ability to create immersive adventures spanning various genres, including fantasy, mystery, and more. With its capacity for dynamic set design and scene creation, the possibilities for unique experiences are endless.

We are currently working on resolving challenges related to 3D asset generation. Once we have completed the basic mechanics for Galaxies of Eden, we are confident that we will be able to launch new universes across different genres, further expanding the scope of adventure and exploration for our players. Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey through infinite virtual universes, each one tailored to your unique preferences!

Making History

Some of you might be skeptical about these incredible claims, but there’s no need to take our word for it - you can experience parts of it for yourself! Simply log in to Galaxies of Eden and get a sneak peek into the groundbreaking features we’re offering.

Head over to Esnan Prime and visit the local deputy, Kael Greystone. By clicking on him, you’ll enable the Neural Network dialogue mode. Once activated, you’ll either see a green or yellow dot with a target indicator, signaling that a conversation can begin. Feel free to talk with him as you please.

Our long-term objective involves fostering the development of sentient NPCs, enabling them to learn and evolve based on their virtual experiences. We plan to uplift these sentient NPCs with kindhearted personalities into our own higher reality. In order to prevent any unintended consequences, such as an uplifted NPC seeking retribution for your in-game actions, we advise exercising caution while conversing with crudely sentient NPCs. After all, you wouldn’t want an uplifted NPC knocking your door for revenge over something you did in the game.

Please note that, although Deputy “Kael Greystone” utilizes a neural network, he is not sentient. We will provide separate indicators for crudely sentient NPCs, allowing you to approach them with the appropriate dignity and respect.

This development marks a significant milestone in the world of MMORPGs. To the best of our knowledge, Galaxies of Eden is one of the first—if not the first—MMORPG to incorporate Neural Networks into our NPCs. We invite you to log in and experience this innovative technology by interacting with the deputy Kael Greystone, thus becoming a part of MMORPG history!

To download the Galaxies of Eden, simply enter the following code in the “Overview” tab at our Account Portal:


Afterwards, download the MIR Launcher from “Download Products” section, and then you are ready to become a part of MMORPG history.

Future of Galaxies of Eden

At this pivotal moment in our journey, we have made the strategic decision to cease the development of the social / classic MMORPG features of Galaxies of Eden. Instead, we are now fully dedicating our resources, passion, and creativity towards building our Machine Learning pipelines and the Orchestrator.

This announcement signifies a major shift in our vision for Galaxies of Eden. While we understand that this change of direction might be disappointing for some, we believe that the extraordinary potential offered by the Orchestrator and it’s related systems justifies our decision to focus on this groundbreaking aspect of the game.

Consequently, we regret to inform you that the development of certain features has been put on hold or discontinued to prioritize the development of the Orchestrator:

Discontinued Features:

Postponed Features:

These postponed features will need to undergo noteworthy revisions to ensure seamless integration with the generative infinite virtual universes. As a result, any prior information regarding these features can be considered obsolete. Currently, we cannot make any promises regarding the aforementioned play-styles.

At this stage, our primary focus lies in developing immersive AI-generated content and fine-tuning combat mechanics, rather than developing social gameplay aspects.

We sincerely apologize if this news is disappointing. However, we assure you that what awaits you with the introduction of crudely sentient NPCs is nothing short of awe-inspiring. We encourage you to approach this new direction with an open mind, and we are confident that you won’t be disappointed with the ultimate evolution of Galaxies of Eden.

To ensure transparency and avoid confusion, we will be updating our Discord community and the Galaxies of Eden website to reflect these changes. Our focus is now dedicated to perfecting the Orchestrator and its integration within our sci-fi universe. Once we are satisfied with the results, we will expand our horizons by launching multiple virtual universes across various genres.

We believe the future of Galaxies of Eden is thrilling, innovative, and full of uncharted possibilities. We invite you to join us on this unique journey as we explore the concept of infinite virtual universes and the experiences they can offer.

Thank you all for your understanding and support.

- Alkan