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MIR Cybernetics Corporation is proud to announce our new social sandbox MMORPG, Galaxies of Eden.

Galaxies of Eden offers a unique and innovative approach to MMO genre — a massively multiplayer online game that promotes social interaction among players.

Galaxies of Eden is a social sandbox MMORPG where players will be able to venture forth as adventurers, industrialist, or even as artists and build their own communities. Game is heavily player-driven as players will be able to craft anything from weapons and vehicles to houses and furniture.

MIR Cybernetics Corporation wants to create a modern MMORPG where you can customize your avatar to your heart’s desire, build and populate player cities, grow your server’s community, adventure and socialize with other players.

Galaxies of Eden – Key Features

Social Gameplay – Every play style is interconnected to each other. Players will have to socialize, cooperate and form friendships to succeed in this game. Community building is the one of the main pillars of Galaxies of Eden. Players will be able to become intergalactic diplomats and lead their server’s destiny through elections, and vote on matters such as overall taxation levels of their servers.

Innovative Skill-System – Galaxies of Eden utilizes a dual skill system based on active and passive skills. Players will be able to combine different active skills to create the play style they want, meanwhile they will be able to acquire unlimited passive skills to bolster their existing abilities.

Character Customization – MIR Cybernetics Corporation has developed a novel system for character customization, players will be able to utilize more than hundred parameters and create the avatar of their dreams.

Player-driven Economy – Everything in the game can be crafted by players and sold to each other. Players will be able to craft anything from weapons and vehicles to houses and furniture. Players will be able to open shopping malls and utilize their own vendors to sell their wares.

Open World Housing – Players will be able to build player cities and form their own communities. Players will be able to craft and place their houses on the planets with very few limitations.

About MIR Cybernetics Corporation

MIR Cybernetics Corporation is an independent video game development studio based in Toronto, Canada. The studio specializes in developing massively multiplayer online role-playing games and state-of-the-art procedural artwork generation methods. Studio’s mission is to revolutionize the way gamers play games by creating innovative online experiences that put social interactions and player-driven gameplay first.

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