About Galaxies of Eden

Galaxies of Eden is a modern sandbox MMORPG where players will embark on endless, personalized adventures in a captivating sci-fi universe, interacting with unique characters and environments crafted by groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology.

The game features AI-generated content that dynamically adapt to each player's preferences. Driven by cutting-edge generative AI systems, it delivers a continuous stream of seasonal content, keeping the thrill and spirit of exploration alive at all times.

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2023-04-03 MIR Cybernetics Corporation Re-Imagines the Galaxies of Eden
2021-08-06 Galaxies of Eden, the new social sandbox MMORPG, is announced

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About MIR Cybernetics Corporation

MIR Cybernetics Corporation is an independent video game development studio based in Toronto, Canada. The studio specializes in developing massive multiplayer online role-playing games and state-of-the-art generative AI methods. Studio’s mission is to revolutionize the way gamers play games by creating innovative online experiences fueled by cutting-edge artificial intelligence systems.